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Surgical dentistry

When you require oral surgery, you want to know that your surgeon has the experience to deliver the precise results you need. For more than 20 years, Dr. Gerry Casazza of Future of Dentistry has been performing successful surgeries with excellent results.

State-of-the-art surgical techniques

At Future of Dentistry, we offer the latest technologies and dental surgical techniques. Our laser gum surgery is just one of the many options that ensure a comfortable experience and a speedy recovery.

As a multi-specialty practice, we can offer all surgical options. You will be comforted in knowing our practitioners are credentialed and experienced and treat each patient as they treat a family member.

All the surgery options you need

  • Dental implants
  • Laser gum surgery
  • Bone augmentation
  • Extractions (including wisdom teeth)
  • Gingival plastic surgery

At Future of Dentistry, we strive to create a soothing comfortable environment. You will be treated in a kind and compassionate manner by every member of our team. We are dedicated to providing you with the individualized care you need.

When you visit us, you will receive a "Comfort Menu” from which to select items that can make your experience more enjoyable. These include a blanket, headphones, warm towel, and more. Choose one or all of them – it’s all about you.

Oral surgery

Have you ever visited a dentist who said that you had a dental problem but you would need to go elsewhere to get it fixed because “they don’t do that procedure?” At Future of Dentistry, we never want that to happen. We pride ourselves on being your one-stop dental solution, with everything you need located under one roof!

We offer a wide variety of dental oral surgery options, including practically every procedure you may need.

Oral surgery sounds scary, but you’re in good hands with Future of Dentistry.

Below, you’ll find a list of some of our most common oral surgery procedures. This will help you understand what oral surgery is all about.

Root canal therapy

Perhaps no other dental procedure strikes more fear in dental patients than the root canal. While we certainly understand your concerns, at Future of Dentistry we have years of experience performing root canals. We promise a swift procedure with minimal pain.


Among the most common oral surgeries we perform are tooth extractions. Our dentists take great care in providing gentle, non-traumatic extractions.

Bone grafts

At times, patients come to our office needing dental implants, but upon evaluation of their dental condition, we determine that there is an insufficient amount of bone. This is unfortunate because dental implants need a strong bone to attach to. Bone grafting is done to regenerate tissues that have receded or resorbed (dissolved) as a result of infection, trauma, or deep cavities and fillings.

Essentially, the new bone takes the place of the old bone that is missing, thereby allowing dental implants to be given strong support by healthy bone, and placed in the best position for strength and stability.

Our experience in bone graft procedures enables our talented dentists to craft and restore teeth and gums to their fullest extent.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars, are the last molars to grow in the mouth, typically during the late teen years. 

Most patients do not have room for wisdom teeth, because the jaws are not of adequate size to keep them. This often results in impaction, which occurs when the teeth become enclosed within the bone or soft tissue as they attempt to create space for themselves.

Because it is a rare occurrence for these teeth to come in straight, patients usually experience dental problems, including:

  • Crowding of the other teeth
  • Cavities on the teeth directly in front of the wisdom teeth
  • Growing cysts or infections within the jaw bone

To prevent these problems, our Future of Dentistry dentists recommend removing the wisdom teeth at a young age. That way, there is a lesser chance of problems ever arising. Plus, extracting wisdom teeth at a young age means that the root has not fully developed — this makes for an easier extraction, and a speedier recovery for you!

  • Wisdom teeth extractions typically last approximately 1 hour, and are typically performed in the office by our very own, highly skilled, and experienced Dr. Casazza.
  • During the procedure, our well-trained dental team offers oral sedation dentistry, which allows you to relax throughout the entire procedure.

Dental implants

We take pride in offering comprehensive implant dentistry services to our patients. Future of Dentistry recommends dental implants to:

  • Support a loose-fitting denture for more security and comfort
  • Replace one or several teeth (without involving the surrounding teeth); this constitutes a more conservative approach to missing-tooth replacement
  • Provide a practical, successful alternative to partial dentures
  • Support individual (or multiple) teeth or a bridge

After a thorough examination, Dr. Casazza will evaluate your case and plan the dental implant procedure. This procedure involves many strategically planned steps to deliver the results you long for! 

During the first step, Dr. Casazza will surgically place the implant (titanium screws) into your jawbone. Approximately 12 weeks of healing time will allow the bone to bond (fuse) with the titanium. This results in the bone growing tightly around the post, which makes for a durable foundation for dental implants.

After roughly 12-16 weeks, Dr. Casazza will take an impression that will be used to customize the abutment and make a crown to top the implant. If needed, an implant-secured denture, partial, or bridge will be placed to ensure maximum function for your daily living.

  • We take pride in offering comprehensive implant dentistry services to our patients.
  • To have your dental implants last a lifetime, we recommend maintaining your continuing care appointments with our highly skilled hygienists and regular at-home oral care — flossing, brushing, coupled with a healthy diet!

If you are unsure if dental implants are right for you, Dr. Casazza will happily evaluate your oral health and provide his expert recommendations. Future of Dentistry strives to deliver consistent, unparalleled results to you and your family to have you smiling at every opportunity!

Bone preservation 

Do you have missing teeth and want a strong and natural solution? Future of Dentistry offers the perfect solution for you — dental implants to transform your smile!

There are occasions when dental implants cannot be placed during the same procedure as the tooth extraction. When this happens, we perform a simple procedure called bone preservation.

When a tooth is removed and not replaced with an implant, the bone will literally melt away. Within 6 months of the extraction, 50 percent of the bone width can be lost.

Before the bone has a chance to shrink (making it much harder to place an implant), we preserve your bone by filling the socket with healthy bone. If bone is lost, more complex and expensive procedures are needed. Filling the socket with healthy bone permits Dr. Casazza to easily place dental implants into the healthy bone once it heals.

Gingival grafts

Gum recession can be caused by many elements, including: tooth position in the jaw, aggressive brushing, teeth grinding, periodontal disease, and other reasons associated with poor oral hygiene. Receded gums can cause sensitivity to hot, cold, or even just to the touch. The exposed roots are also much more susceptible to decay, which can be a big problem and difficult to repair.

One type of gum repair that we offer is called a gingival graft (also known as a gum graft, or a soft-tissue graft).

  • We offer gum grafts to help restore the gum line to its proper height, covering exposed roots and preventing future gum recession and bone loss.
  • This repairs the unsightly appearance of the receding gum line, and prevents the problems previously noted from occurring again.

Whether a patient has 1 or numerous teeth with unwanted gum recession, soft-tissue grafting is a great way to straighten the gum line, prevent tooth decay and reduce sensitivity caused by exposed roots.

If you have receded gums and think that you are in need of a gingival graft, please visit our experienced dentists at Future of Dentistry today.

Future of Dentistry offers a wide variety of oral surgery options to fit your needs. We are dedicated to your oral health. Come in and experience the different features that our office has to offer. If you feel that you need any oral surgery procedures, or anything else related to dentistry, call us today and schedule your free consultation! We would love to discuss your dental needs and come up with the perfect solution for you!

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