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Intraoral camera

Do you ever wonder what we see when we look in your mouth? At Future of Dentistry in Wakefield, MA, we use an intraoral camera to see things large and clear, and so can you! The camera provides images that will help you understand the condition of your teeth, as well as the solutions planned by one of our dentists.

The intraoral photos are also very important for our dental records and for insurance purposes. Intraoral and smile series photos allow you to be an active partner in your dental treatment, and give you the opportunity to make treatment decisions with confidence when you have a clear understanding of your dental conditions.

If you would like to see exactly what the dentist sees, we invite you to come to Future of Dentistry and try our intraoral camera technology today!

These photos are a great tool if you are doing anything cosmetic or restorative to your teeth. The before and after photos are remarkable!

Give us a call at 781-285-3525 and experience the difference.