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Rejuvenating dentures

Do your dentures make you look older than you really are? At Future of Dentistry, we offer dentures that have been described as the fountain of youth for denture wearers.

While they offer many advantages over traditional options, perhaps the main reason people choose them over traditional dentures is that they make wearers look younger.

Unknown to most patients who experience tooth loss is the problem of jawbone deterioration. The bone material that the tooth root is attached to is accustomed to physical stimulation produced by normal behaviors such as biting and chewing. As long as natural teeth are in place and disease is absent, our upper and lower jaws can be expected to remain healthy and intact.

Missing teeth and traditional dentures do not provide the natural and even pressure the jawbone is used to and, as a result, do nothing to combat the effects of jawbone resorption. This makes people look much older than they actually are.

When implemented by our outstanding staff, these dentures are designed to provide even pressure across the gums and jawbone. These dentures rest partially on the muscles and are placed to build the bite at a position where the muscles will best function – the same position that provides the greatest facial support and works to achieve stability and better facial aesthetics.

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