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Leading-edge solutions

At Future of Dentistry in Wakefield, MA, we utilize state-of-the-art technologies and methods to provide the highest-quality dental care. We offer a variety of services including preventive, cosmetic, restorative, pediatric, implant, endodontic, periodontal and surgical dentistry.

We know that leading-edge dentistry goes beyond performing dental procedures. Our clinical team members blend skill and artistic ability with compassion. They cultivate the latest research knowledge, techniques and equipment.

The dentists of Future of Dentistry possess a strong desire to remain up-to-date with evolving dental technology. This enables us to give you and your family top-quality dental treatments while using the most sophisticated and accurate dental tools available.

Laser cavity detection

New technologies enable our dentists to instantly and accurately find decay, often without the need for added X-rays.

Oral cancer screening

Only 35 percent of oral cancers are diagnosed in the early stage. Our dentists and hygienist are highly skilled, and equipped with the knowledge and technology to perform oral cancer screenings.

Blood screening tests

When indicated, we will use a few blood droplets from a simple finger-prick to screen for possible underlying and perhaps undetected systemic conditions.

Root canals

At Future of Dentistry, we use a computer-controlled device that precisely locates the root canal system and allows us to remove the diseased nerve in a single visit – and with no discomfort.

Sleep apnea

We use the latest technology to improve your night’s sleep and your overall wellness.

Digital x-rays

We are proud to offer digital x-rays, which reduce your exposure to x-ray radiation. These also are environmentally friendly (no paper waste, no lead film inserts, and no chemicals).

Night guards

Are you experiencing migraine headaches? We may be able to help. We offer the NTI-tss, an FDA-approved device that has been highly effective in treating migraine pain.

Intraoral camera

We use intraoral cameras to view your teeth and gums. These sophisticated cameras enable us to pinpoint exact areas of decay, broken fillings, chipped teeth, plaque and other problems.

Rejuvenating dentures

We offer dentures that provide many advantages over traditional dentures. The main reason people choose these over traditional dentures is that they make denture-wearers look younger.


At Future of Dentistry in Wakefield, MA, we guarantee our dental services; if you’re not satisfied with your first visit, the visit is on us! We use advanced technologies and methods to improve the quality of our services and to make you more comfortable.

Pediatric dentistry

We will help you make the right choices to ensure that your child has a healthy mouth and a beautiful smile for years to come!

Preventive dentistry

Our professional team offers preventive dentistry services, including continuing care hygiene visits.

Cosmetic dentistry

We will help you achieve a dazzling smile you'll be proud of! We provided a variety of cosmetic services, from implants and bonding to whitening and Invisalign®, that can be customized to fit your needs and goals.

Surgical dentistry

For more 25 years, Dr. Gerry Casazza of Future of Dentistry has been performing successful surgeries with excellent results.

Give us a call at 781-285-3525 and experience the difference.